An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it........... Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position........... First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi




Hate and the Sangh Parivar Know the Sangh Resources for a Progressive Hindu


Recent Fact-Finding Reports on Gujarat 2002 Carnage
A compilation of reports on, includes extensive reports by dozens of international and national human rights and civil society organizations including The International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat, Concerned Citizens Tribunal, PUCL (Peoples Union for Civil Liberties), Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and more.

Fact Finding Reports on Gujarat Massacre A number of first-hand reports of NGOs, Human rights organizations, National Human Rights Commission of India compiled by Non-Resident Indians for a Secular and Harmonious India

Hindutva and the Communalization of Mumbai Read the Srikrishna Commission Report on how Hindutva worked in making mayhem in Mumbai 

Breaking of Babri Masjid

  • BBC news
  • Babri case against hindutva leaders and their shenanigans (get a couple articles)
  • History of Ram (Simple article by Romila Thapar)
  • Others

BJP-RSS Equation

Article by leading legal scholar, A.G. Noorani from Frontline on the implications of the influence and intimate links of the extra-constitutional organization, RSS over the political party BJP.

Draft of Communal Crimes Act

More than 100,000 documents on Social Conflicts (communal, caste, gender, ethnic, identities), Human Rights & Peace Initiatives in India.



Hindutva’s Fascist Heritage

A superbly researched essay by historian Marzia Casolari using archival evidence that demonstrates “the existence of direct contacts between the  representatives of the  (Italian) fascist regime, including Mussolini, and Hindu nationalists” (first appeared as an essay in Economic and Political Weekly or EPW in January 22, 2000 issue; EPW is one of India’s most reputed social science journals)

M.S.Golwalkar: Conceptualizing Hindutva Fascism

Article by Ram Puniyani on the thoughts and writings of the second founder-leader of the RSS. 

What's So Bad About the RSS?

An RSS Primer  

Sangh on Dharma, Caste, Gender and Sexuality

The Sangh Parivar in Our Backyard
By Zahir Sajad Janmohamed, Communalism Combat, July 18, 2002 

The Saffron Dollar: Pehle Paisa, Phir Bhagwan
By Biju Mathew and Vijay Prashad, Himal South Asian, Himal South Asia, September, 1996 

HSC and the Sangh : An Unholy Alliance

Exposing the varied, continuing links between the Hindu Student Council in USA and the Sangh.

Deceit of the Right
By Biju Mathew and Vijay Prashad, Himal South Asian, December, 1999

Deflections to the Right
By A. K. Sen, Outlook, July 22, 2002

Hindu Nationalists Are Enrolling, and Enlisting, India's Poor (requires free registration)
By Somini Sengupta, The New York Times, May 13, 2002 (cached site)

Shashi Tharoor Reclaiming Dharma

A useful piece to start with to see why progressive Hindus cannot let fundamentalists and fanatics take over their religion

B.R.Ambedkar Philosophy of Hinduism

A hard-hitting and eminently scholarly masterpiece that is a must read for a Hindu wishing to be a progressive and make Hinduism progressive. This is not a piece for those Hindus who are insecure in their Hinduism and become defensive immediately. 

B.R.Ambedkar Annihilation of Caste

Since caste is at the heart of the problems within Hinduism, this is a classic statement of what to do about it. 

D.N.Jha Looking for a Hindu Identity

Article by a leading historian of India addressing the Indian History Congress that clarifies a number of historical misconceptions about the nature of Hinduism as a system from ancient times to modernity. Useful to see the diversity of thought, practices and traditions that are claimed under a “Hindu” rubric.

The Gay And Lesbian Vaishnava Association website

A unique association that confronts the homophobia of practicing Hindus and Hindu institutions with the progressive thoughts, stories/myths, relations and practices that existed within Hinduism not too long ago.

Is the Goddess a Feminist? The Politics of South Asian Goddesses (link to a review)

A useful edited volume of writings on the question of what the existence of so many Goddesses in Hinduism means for the possibilities of anti-patriarchal relations in Hinduism. Most authors caution against an easy proclamation that the existence of goddesses means that Hinduism automatically or inherently have egalitarian gender relations or enable non-patriarchal conditions.

Bihar Rationalist Society Why I Am Not A Hindu 

Kancha Ilaiah 

Vijay Prashad article with two part comments by left writer 

Balmurli Natrajan’s article “What Kind of a Hindu Are You?” 

Bhakti Poets 

Narayana Guru

Articles by Swami Agnivesh 

Thoughtful articles by one of Hinduism’s tireless fighters for a secular, progressive India and Hinduism

Quotes from Swami Ranganathananda

One of the more progressive monks of modern day India; his views on secularism, humanism, feminism, need to fight poverty and many more issues.

Swami Dharmatheerth

Recent Articles on the Campaign to Stop Funding Hate






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