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A Foreign Exchange of Hate:
IDRF and the American Funding of Hindutva
A Report by Sabrang Communications Pvt. Ltd. (India) / SACW (France)

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Stop Funding Hate Campaign Responds to IDRF's Rebuttal

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Campaign To Stop Funding Hate Newsletter July 2003
dear friends,

The Campaign to Stop Funding Hate campaign is nearly 9 months old.

Powered by your endorsement, the campaign succeeded in bringing to
light two simple facts about the overseas operations of the Sangh

1) That the Sangh Parivar uses the guise of 'development' and
'relief' work to raise funds for its operations from overseas (despite
trying to portray itself as an entirely domestic operation) and

2) That these funds are deployed to advance its intolerant Hindutva
ideology and propagate hatred against religious minorities.Stop Funding
Hate campaign, touched the raw nerves of Overseas Hindutva, by exposing
this linkage.

The vicious attacks against members of the campaign during the last 9
months, not only confirmed our hunch but also bolstered our resolve to
continue our work.

Hindutva advocates tried quite a few tactics in the book of fascism:
hatemail, hitlist publication, work place harassment and threats of
libel suits against members of the stop funding hate campaign. Our most
valued resource during these months, was the quiet assurance that you
gave us right at the beginning by endorsing the campaign. Your
enthusiasm has inspired many groups and individuals elsewhere to launch
similar initiatives. Among the highlights of the campaign till now :
Oracle and Cisco, two major corporations that were giving matching
grants to employee donations to IDRF, Sangh Parivar's fundraising
outfit in the US, have suspended the practice; over 60 articles were
published in the newsmedia across the globe, over 300 faculty members
teaching South Asia related subjects in the US signed on the petition,
but most significantly, supporters of IDRF produced several minor
rebuttals and one large document which effectively acknowledged IDRF's
ties with the RSS. The Foreign Exchange of Hate, the primary document on
which the Campaign to Stop Funding Hate is based, has been translated
in several Indian languages and is soon going to be published for sale.
The proceeds will go to support the campaign.

To enlist your continued support in the coming months, we have decided
to return to you with the promise of a monthly update on the campaign.
The update will be normally delivered to you at the beginning of each
month, a brief capsule on the status of the campaign. This will also be
an occasion for you to give us feedback. The update will be delivered
to the email address provided at the time of your endorsement of the
campaign and will contain an 'optout' link. Keeping in mind both our
extremely limited resources and your time, we expect each update to be
no more than 100 lines.

We will appreciate your considered views not only on the updates but
also on any matter related to resisting Hindutva. Please feel free to
email us back ( Even if we may not respond in
all cases, please rest assured that we value your opinion and at all
times will give it due consideration.