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RSS raising money in Britain under false pretences: report Indo-Asian News Service, February 26, 2004
‘RSS groups pocketed quake aid’ By Vijay Dutt, Hindustan Times, London, 26 February
Earthquake Aid Charity Accused of Supporting Extremists, Thursday, February 26, 2004

A Foreign Exchange of Hate:
IDRF and the American Funding of Hindutva
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Quake, cyclone funds sponsored Guj violence: UK report

The Times of India, 26, 2004 original

AHMEDABAD: A UK report, released in London on Thursday, has claimed that under the cloak of humanitarian charity, massive donations from the British public were used to fund Sangh Parivar organisations.

The report, launched just before the second anniversary of the Gujarat carnage, has been prepared by Awaaz - South Asia Watch Ltd, a London-based network.

The report, titled 'In Bad Faith? British Charity and Hindu Extremism', says RSS branches in the UK have been raising large amounts of money in the name of charity for natural disasters like the Gujarat earthquake and the Orissa supercyclone. "Virtually all the money raised went to Sangh Parivar groups, including groups that have incited anti-minority violence", it said.

"We do not think it is a coincidence that the two Indian states where Hindutva networks, violence and hatred have grown phenomenally in recent years both had natural and human tragedies (the Gujarat earthquake 2001, the Orissa cyclone 1999) followed by massive amounts of funding to Hindutva organisations from overseas under the guise of humanitarian charity," said the report.

"It is ironic that the Sangh Parivar have attacked foreign funding of minority groups when they themselves use such funding to expand their own influence," Awaaz says.